Support & Maintenance

We provide a range of support services tailored to the needs of our clients.
Outsourcing your IT support to us will allow you to draw on on our range of skills and experience and our unlimited remote support packages help you stick to your IT budget.
Our remote support service is unlimited and we can be contacted by email or phone if you need to call.
Remote access is facilitated using our BeyondTrust privileged remote access solution, which allows us to connect onto any Windows/OSX/iOS or Android device and we use AutoTask for our ticketing management system to ensure all queriers are handled efficiently.
We also offer ad-hoc support where required.


Key to reliable operation is pro-active and preventative maintenance. This ensures your systems are maintained, kept patched with the latest security updates, plus scrutinised regularly to check systems are working as they should. This helps prevent downtime by detecting potential system issues before they cause a problem.

Where supported, all equipment is configured to relay alerts and warnings to our support centre so the appropriate action can be taken. We also ensure that a full Disaster Recovery plan is in place and agreed with our clients to manage expectations, which is also essential to ensure the correct level of insurance cover.

As part of our support service, we assist our clients with budgeting for future upgrades and maintaining oversight of their IT assets.


> Tailored support agreements with unlimited support
> Remote support and event handling
> Ad-hoc support
> Preventative maintenance
> Pro-active maintenance