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Our Support Agreements are composed of several general service types before being customised to meet our customer´s needs.

Service Descriptions

Target Response Time
This is the core service type regarding the Support Agreement. It determines a response time to items listed within the contract and can be specified from as short as 4 hours depending on location and requirement.
Hardware Support
Items of hardware may be specified for coverage within the contract. If an item is covered under hardware support and a problem is identified with the hardware itself then the item will be replaced with a response fitting to the Target Response Time.
Telephone Support
Telephone Support may be included to cover software and hardware issues with the items specified in the Support Agreement.
Remote Support
Telephone Support is a prerequisite for Remote Support. Following the configuration of secure remote access to the supported system, remote software support may be utilised to cover items specified in the Support Agreement.
Contingency Days
Contingency Days may be purchased as part of the Support Agreement at a reduced rate to be used how and when the customer wishes.
Maintenance Visits
Maintenance visits are an agreed, periodical daily visit at a reduced rate in order to maintain the supported system. A list of maintenance tasks is produced and signed off following the visit. Examples of such tasks are investigating logs, checking backup routines and applying patches and updates as necessary.
Off-Site Restoration Service
The Off-Site Restoration Service aims to ensure that servers can be restored to full operation following failure. This service can be scheduled within the contract and can be predetermined as to the level of test restoration achieved.
Additional Services
Additional Services can be agreed following consultation and no suggestion is closed to consideration. An example of Additional Services that can be specified on the Support Agreement is VPN Support following a TCW VPN installation.

For more information on our Support Services, please contact us.

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