InfrastructureTCW have been installing structured cabling and fibre optics since 1986. Our engineers have a huge amount of experience working on a variety of small and complex installations alike.

We undertake a variety of different installations ranging from simple 20 point installations to some of our largest installations which consist of over 2000 points running over a staggering 500 miles of cabling. We have been working as preferred installers for our largest three clients for fifteen, nine and eight years and have continually provided good value and high quality service.

Every installation we perform is tested to the highest of standards. We employ all the latest testing techniques using Fluke® technology to guarantee the best possible data transfer speeds. This technology helps us to spot network problems and solve them quicker.

Installation work can be undertaken out of your normal business hours to ensure minimum of disruption.

If you require a quote or further information about our infrastructure services, please contact us.

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